Facebook is Dead to Millennials

      I just finished reading a book for my Mass Media and Communications class, Nick Bilton’s “I Live in the Future & Here’s How it Works.” In it, Bilton makes many accurate predictions about the future of technology including that Starbucks will develop a way for your local store to be notified of your order and when you will be there to pick it up (this will happen in the next several months). One of the things he continued to mention throughout the book really stuck with me. He predicted that Facebook will continue to be a staple news source into the advanced years of smart TVs, etc. he mentions this several times and it got me thinking about how much I actually use Facebook. Millennials are using Facebook less and less. With Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter along with several other means of social networking, the millennial generation relies far less on Facebook. I use myself and a few friends as examples that this is true. I check my Facebook news feed every other day or so. I rarely am on Facebook every single day and even more rare is a day when I check it several times a day. Several of my friends only use facebook as a digital photo album. Compared to the power of Facebook over millennials 5 years ago, it has declined in importance.
      I suppose I am a bit unique because I am a millennial who would still prefer a phone call or an in person meeting over a facebook posting/message, a text or an email. But still, I once used Facebook more regularly. And the reason I lost interest in using Facebook more regularly is simply because most of my friends stopped using it. The same group of people on my friends list were always the only ones posting/updating. It has gone from a true social network for friends to gather online to a place of keeping in touch with family for me. The main reason I still have a Facebook account is because I have family out-of-state or that I do not see very often and Facebook allows me to keep in contact with them.
      There are many studies on the millennial generation having shorter attention span, however I argue that society increasingly has a shorter attention span. Television shows hardly have a chance to succeed now. Everything is either recorded on a DVR, online, or on demand. People have lost time to watch TV when it is actually airing. Ultimately I believe that the millennial generation has grown bored with Facebook. I predict the same will happen to Twitter and I’m sure eventually Instagram as well. Living in a time when there is an updated version of a device every year, we constantly have this need to have whatever is NEW. Facebook is not new anymore.
      I’m not saying Facebook is going away anytime soon. But as far as social networking for Millennials, it’s already a thing of the past.

The Mission to Mars

MARS ONEMars One, a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands, has a mission to land humans on Mars in 2025, ten years from now. 100 people from all around the world have volunteered to colonize the planet, with waves of more inhabitants following the initial group every two years. Supplies and tools will be sent to Mars starting in 2018, and in the years between then and 2025 various items necessary for colonization will be launched.

What makes a person want to live the rest of his/her life on a foreign planet, about 140,000,000 miles from home? Hundreds of millions of miles from your family. Hundreds of millions of miles from the only civilization you’ve ever known. I’ve only read a few of the biographies of the 100 volunteers, but I think I understand why they would choose life on Mars. I can’t say that I would be brave enough to abandon life as an Earthling to become a Martian, but I do understand what is driving them to go live on Mars.

They’re doing it for science. They’re making mankind’s next giant leap. It would be simply amazing if the Mars One mission turns out to be a huge success. The thrill of it, I’m sure, makes it all worth it for the hundred volunteers. The Space Race of the 1960s was full of excitement, anticipation and fear of the unknown. These next ten years, specifically the years closer to 2025, are going to be thrilling and exciting not only for the 100 volunteers but for the entire world. We should not get caught up in trying to understand why people would want to live on Mars, we must have a mindset similar to President Kennedy’s when he said we would put a man on the moon. The 10 year countdown has begun and I can’t wait to be reporting live from the launch pad when Mars One begins it’s journey into space in 2025.


Brian Williams, still a hero of Journalism.

NBC News has decided to suspend Brian Williams for six months as a result of his embellishing of stories from the Iraq war, and possible fibs from his reports after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Let me start by saying that as a journalist I find it extremely important to ensure that you are reporting with only the highest integrity. Having said that, I do not believe that Brian Williams (the broadcaster I most admire) deserves the six month suspension.

Of all the broadcasters on television today, especially the ones who are hypocritically criticizing Williams and NBC for this misfortunate event (I’m talking about hosts of cable news shows on both Fox News and MSNBC, among others), Brian Williams should not be the one taking the fall. Yes, he did fail to keep to his original story, but he is NOT the only one to do so. He is not the first and he will certainly not be the last. Brian Williams is an excellent broadcaster, not to mention the fact that NBC Nightly News has higher ratings that its competitors on CBS and ABC, thanks to Williams’ popularity.

In this time of darkness for Brian Williams, we must not forget the fact that he is a remarkable journalist. In a time when nightly television news is losing its audience, Williams has kept NBC Nightly News on top. To lose him would be a true shame. During his suspension, Lester Holt, an alumnus of the California State University system and a journalist whom I also respect, is filling in. Holt will do an exceptional job at taking over for Williams, when Williams is ready to leave the show on his own terms. I think that maybe NBC is unsure of how to handle the situation, which is why they resorted to suspending Williams while they figure it all out. It would be very unfortunate if NBC decided to let go of Williams after his many years of loyalty and dedication to the network. A network, by the way, that I have always aspired to work for someday. I sincerely hope that NBC makes a decision that includes keeping Brian Williams. Just as I also sincerely hope that Americans are not fooled by the rest of the broadcasters out there who have told even larger, more harmful lies than Brian Williams. Because there are broadcasters on TV who claim to be journalists and have said far worse than Brian Williams ever has. As the American public, we need to punish them for their lies and deception not an accomplished newsman like Brian Williams.


Music…Does it Still Make the World Go ‘Round?

This morning at 9:23AM, a staple Los Angeles radio station HOT 92.3 was flipped to “Real 92.3,” a more Hip-Hop and (so-called) R&B driven station. HOT 92.3 brought in listeners with “Old School and R&B” and it happened to be my favorite station. It’s sad to see another Southern California radio station transition to Hip-Hop and Top 40 music like KIIS and KGGI. What happened to the diversity of radio? One of the beauties of having different radio stations was that there was something for EVERYONE to listen to. In the Los Angeles, Inland Empire and Orange County markets, it has become increasingly difficult for true R&B stations to succeed. Many of the stations sound the same, on most of the major stations “Top 40” has taken over.

Thinking about this made me analyze today’s music in general. There is a small minority of people in the music industry that actually get good (too much) radio play. The list includes Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Beyonce  and Nicki Minaj among others. There are tons of extremely talented singers that you don’t even hear about because they get no play on the radio. Yes, radio has increasingly over the years become something most people only listen to while driving but it still a vital part of the music industry’s success. Much of what is considered music today isn’t real music, that’s my opinion but I believe it to be very accurate.

Music has a history of bringing people together. Elvis brought people of all colors together with his Rhythm and Blues-inspired songs. James Brown did the same thing. As did Berry Gordy and the artists of Motown through the Civil Rights Movement. In times of war and in times of prosperity, music has always been something to tie everyone together. As the music industry continues to prioritize having a “look” rather than a voice, it seems as if there will be an even bigger generation gap when it comes to music. Again, this is all just my opinion…I hope I’m wrong! Thanks for reading, commenting and following!

Next Week: The Brian Williams controversy!