Music…Does it Still Make the World Go ‘Round?

This morning at 9:23AM, a staple Los Angeles radio station HOT 92.3 was flipped to “Real 92.3,” a more Hip-Hop and (so-called) R&B driven station. HOT 92.3 brought in listeners with “Old School and R&B” and it happened to be my favorite station. It’s sad to see another Southern California radio station transition to Hip-Hop and Top 40 music like KIIS and KGGI. What happened to the diversity of radio? One of the beauties of having different radio stations was that there was something for EVERYONE to listen to. In the Los Angeles, Inland Empire and Orange County markets, it has become increasingly difficult for true R&B stations to succeed. Many of the stations sound the same, on most of the major stations “Top 40” has taken over.

Thinking about this made me analyze today’s music in general. There is a small minority of people in the music industry that actually get good (too much) radio play. The list includes Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Beyonce  and Nicki Minaj among others. There are tons of extremely talented singers that you don’t even hear about because they get no play on the radio. Yes, radio has increasingly over the years become something most people only listen to while driving but it still a vital part of the music industry’s success. Much of what is considered music today isn’t real music, that’s my opinion but I believe it to be very accurate.

Music has a history of bringing people together. Elvis brought people of all colors together with his Rhythm and Blues-inspired songs. James Brown did the same thing. As did Berry Gordy and the artists of Motown through the Civil Rights Movement. In times of war and in times of prosperity, music has always been something to tie everyone together. As the music industry continues to prioritize having a “look” rather than a voice, it seems as if there will be an even bigger generation gap when it comes to music. Again, this is all just my opinion…I hope I’m wrong! Thanks for reading, commenting and following!

Next Week: The Brian Williams controversy!


6 thoughts on “Music…Does it Still Make the World Go ‘Round?

  1. Rolando says:

    Top 40 in today’s world is not Top 40. It’s more like Top 10. Radio is a gigantic commercial with some music in between commercials. I myself have stopped listening to radio altogether as I got tired of being force-fed what Corporate Radio thought I should be listening to. In the new age of digital music, the possibilities are endless as to what one might listen to and how. As far as ARTISTS , much of today’s ACTS need only a SAMPLE of a past HIT to have their own HIT. Too many bands out there are never heard of despite have tons of talent….my opinion.

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  2. Kathy Rubi says:

    Unfortunately.’s very true baby…that’s why I’m always playing my c.ds..I’m so tired of hearing the same songs play over and over..they are too over-rated!! Give me a radio station that brings back old school R&B..the Dramatics,Temptations,Bloodstone,Betty Wright,Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes,Marvin Gaye ect..!!

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  3. Don’t every ask my husband about the late lamented KMET. I don’t think he or any other KMET fans will ever got over its demise! I missed out on all 1990s and 2000s music because my favorite stations went to an all oldies format and didn’t play any new music any more. I couldn’t find a new station that played a nice mix. Of all stations, I now listen to Coast on occasion. It has a nice mix of newer and older stuff, and no hip hop of rap, which is not my thing.

    Thanks for following my blog, by the way! Hope you don’t get bored with my reports on my cat’s health! LOL!

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