The Mission to Mars

MARS ONEMars One, a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands, has a mission to land humans on Mars in 2025, ten years from now. 100 people from all around the world have volunteered to colonize the planet, with waves of more inhabitants following the initial group every two years. Supplies and tools will be sent to Mars starting in 2018, and in the years between then and 2025 various items necessary for colonization will be launched.

What makes a person want to live the rest of his/her life on a foreign planet, about 140,000,000 miles from home? Hundreds of millions of miles from your family. Hundreds of millions of miles from the only civilization you’ve ever known. I’ve only read a few of the biographies of the 100 volunteers, but I think I understand why they would choose life on Mars. I can’t say that I would be brave enough to abandon life as an Earthling to become a Martian, but I do understand what is driving them to go live on Mars.

They’re doing it for science. They’re making mankind’s next giant leap. It would be simply amazing if the Mars One mission turns out to be a huge success. The thrill of it, I’m sure, makes it all worth it for the hundred volunteers. The Space Race of the 1960s was full of excitement, anticipation and fear of the unknown. These next ten years, specifically the years closer to 2025, are going to be thrilling and exciting not only for the 100 volunteers but for the entire world. We should not get caught up in trying to understand why people would want to live on Mars, we must have a mindset similar to President Kennedy’s when he said we would put a man on the moon. The 10 year countdown has begun and I can’t wait to be reporting live from the launch pad when Mars One begins it’s journey into space in 2025.


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