Women’s History Month

In case you didn’t know, March is Women’s History Month. In honor of that, I would like to dedicate this blog to all the women who have changed my life, at the top of that list being my mom- the smartest business woman I know and my own personal guide to life- I love you.

Women’s History, or Herstory, Month is a time we can devote paying tribute to all the women who have shaped the world. Most history books fool us into believing that men had/have all the power, neglecting or downplaying powerhouse women like Hildegard of Bingen, Cleopatra, Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Zora Neale Hurston, Amelia Earhart, Hillary Clinton, and the list goes on and on. But the truth of the matter is, women played as big of a role in the world’s affairs as men.

American textbooks dedicate a page or two, if any at all, to Susan B. Anthony and the Women’s Suffrage Movement when an entire chapter should be devoted to women who fought for their right to vote. Hillary Clinton put it best when she said: “Women’s rights are HUMAN rights.” Speaking of Clinton, whether you like her or not, she’s the closest any woman has ever come to being a serious contender for President of the United States. She’s the only First Lady to be elected to Congress and then go on to be Secretary of State. It’s about time we stop judging her because she’s a woman and start looking at her as an amazing politician and respect her for that.

We in the United States like to believe that we’re more advanced and more forward thinking when it comes to gender equality. We dedicate a month to “Women’s History” when we should celebrate the success of women every single day of the year.  Maybe this Women’s History Month, we can change the fact that in America a woman still only makes 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. This is outrageous, it is sexist and it is not evidence of an advanced and developed country.

We, as men, need to understand that the equal pay for equal work fight is not just a battle for women. We get more done when we work together. Men need to “lean in” (if you haven’t heard of the “Lean in Together” campaign, it’s definitely something to look into) and do their part to help win this war on women. Make this an equal fight for women’s rights, not just when it comes to equal pay, but in every situation in which a woman is placed behind a man. There’s no such thing as “Women’s work,” and it’s about time we all realize that. Join me this month as I lean in and learn more about how I can help ensure that the America my future kids live in is one in which my daughter will have every chance and opportunity that my son does. An America that respects women enough to ensure that for every dollar made by a man, there is a dollar made by a woman.

Celebrate women this month and every month, today and every day. Not only the ones who are famous for breaking glass ceilings and tearing through boundaries, but also the women who make a difference in our personal lives each and every day.


2 thoughts on “Women’s History Month

  1. BRAVO NICK!!! not just as your mama, but as a woman it makes me very proud that a young intelligent man can see and understand that there is still work to be done, Thank YOU for your insight and for being a wonderful son.
    Love you

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  2. Robert Garcia says:

    As you can see Nick, Mom wrote that first comment. But I do have to say that I echo her sentiments. We are both so proud of the great man you are becoming before our very eyes. Keep up the great work!

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