California is drying out…but what more can WE do?

Everyone in the state of California knows we are in a drought, even if not everyone knows how severe the drought is. We have entered our fourth dry year and state legislators are once again cracking down on water use and pushing water conservation. First of all, let me say that I am all for water conservation. I do my part to save as much water as I can, as I’m sure we all do. From shutting off the faucet while brushing your teeth to shortening your showers, there is only so much Californians can do to cut their water use.

A four year drought is long, and thanks to climate change, it appears the trend will continue.

The state has proposed more intense water restrictions for the next year, which hopefully will help inspire solutions to our water situation. In reading both the newspaper and online news sites, I found that most of the articles on this topic are focused on conserving water (specifically on us conserving water). It is my opinion that we need to start focusing more on what the experts are doing other than encouraging people to conserve more water in this serious drought. What are we doing to collect more water when it actually does rain?

I believe that the governor and the state legislature are doing the best they can to come up with every and any possible solutions. But I also believe that, at least in the media, the focus of the drought needs to take an approach that doesn’t involve fear to try to force people into saving water. Having said that, people who are not doing their part in conserving water need to jump on the bandwagon!


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