See You in CUBA


Late last year, President Obama announced that the United States would soon normalize its relationship with Cuba after over 50 years in which the U.S. and Cuba had virtually no relationship. The President then asked Congress to lift the trade embargo and more recently requested that Cuba be taken off the list of states that sponsor terrorism. This landmark decision was followed up with a historic meeting between President Obama and President Castro at a summit in Panama. I believe this to be a sign that the United States can let go of the past, a sign that we are a nation that believes in second chances. A new partnership with Cuba can be extremely beneficial for both nations.

After over 50 years, the United States and Cuba are talking on good terms again, there’s no telling what we can do for them and the same goes for what relations with Cuba can do for our economy. After all this time and with the Cold War long behind us, it just makes sense to make amends and start with a clean slate.

As the doors of Cuba open to the United States, people are rushing for the chance to visit the island country. From politicians to television shows, everybody wants in on this page of American history. Even a Broadcast and Photo Journalism class from Cal State Fullerton will be traveling to Cuba in the Fall semester to volunteer and observe life as a Cuban.

What intrigues me most about this entire reuniting with Cuba is thinking about all the events that had to happen behind the scenes before President Obama could announce that we would normalize relations. All the people involved from the Secretary of State to the messengers and the secrecy that had to be kept. Madam Secretary, which airs Sunday nights on CBS, reveals just how much happens unknown by the public before something major like this can occur. How many secret meetings had to be held before the two countries could come to an agreement?

Overall, I am excited about this new change in U.S. foreign affairs and I hope to have the chance to travel to Cuba someday!


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