Pope Francis, a Saint in the Making

Pope Francis has got to be the most forward-thinking person to ever hold the papal authority. Everything he has done for the Catholic church has only made it stronger and he serves as a shining  example of how to always consider love before anything else when interacting with other humans. Pope Francis has proven that he is the best person to lead the church away from hundreds of years of corruption, over-spending and close-mindedness. His efforts to rebrand the Catholic church as one that focuses on love and peace are truly remarkable. Before I continue, and in case you have forgotten just what is so historic about him so far, let’s review some of the Pope’s highlights over the past two years:

  • He is the first Latin American Pope in over 1,000 years and the first from the Americas.
  • He refused to live in the Papal Apartment and opted to live in a Vatican hotel suite instead. He then began auctioning off items from the apartment among other papal possessions to benefit the homeless.
  • He is known to sneak out of Vatican City from time to time to feed the homeless.
  • He is open to gays in the church and supports civil unions.
  • He has been a strong fighter against child abuse in the catholic church.
  • He has reformed the church’s spending habits, being a very anti-frivolous spender. He even cut Vatican employee bonuses and has redirected those funds towards benefiting the homeless.

And his latest announcement came just this week. He has spoken out against sexism and has demanded that women around the world be paid equal wages to men for equal work. It appears Pope Francis is “leaning in” and joining the fight for global women’s rights. This is revolutionary, I’m sure he’s making all of his predecessors turn in their graves with his progressive reforms to church policies.

Pope Francis is a champion for change on a global scale. He has called out everyone who refuses to love humanity and the environment. Pope Francis has even met with atheists, and has declared that they should be respected by all Christians as long as they are good people (but that pretty much goes for every person and every group according to the Pope).

This Fall, he will be making a trip to the United States. Although I’m not Catholic, I would love to attend his Mass and witness this trailblazer in person.


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