Get Ready, Get Set, VOTE!

Democrat, Republican, or other: you need to vote. Plain and simple, you need to register to vote (if not already registered) and then you need to vote in the next election. I know the next Presidential election isn’t until 2016, but you should be preparing now. Start doing your homework on candidates now. Find one you agree with and if you can, get involved.

The saddest thing about our political system is the fact that people simply do not vote. 18-24 year olds or so, they generally don’t vote. WHY NOT?! We are a very large demographic, our votes alone could turn an election. Students should not be allowed to complain about climbing tuition fees and loan debt if they do not vote. One of the reasons college students are not always taken seriously or into consideration in elections is because they don’t vote in large numbers. And if we were more vocal about our concerns, you better believe we would hear about issues concerning college students in debates and forums just as much as we hear about Social Security and Medical.

Everybody has an opinion about the President, Congress, etc. But I don’t think people should be able to express those opinions unless they voted. Your vote CAN count, so make it count. Use it.

You’re never too old to register to vote. After retiring and watching the news/reading news magazines more regularly, my grandpa registered to vote in 2008. He made his vote count and has in every election since.

To my readers and friends who are not registered to vote, look into the issues. Read up (I would recommend pretty neutral news sources for researching purposes, like the Associated Press) and find out how you feel about issues like our tax system, race, welfare, gay marriage, healthcare, gun control, immigration, climate change, social and judicial inequalities…there are so many other issues I could list and each of them can be swayed by votes of the people. It’s our duty to vote. We decide who we send to Washington. As a nation, we decide who the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is. We need to move away from being a society that relies on false news media rants for our political knowledge and move towards the facts. We need to stop being so ignorant when it comes to voting and the political process. There’s NO excuse to skip an election day. So take the time between now and November of 2016 to do some research and some fact checking, find a candidate you can get behind and VOTE!

One last issue I want to mention: The very right to vote! We need to protect our right to vote, and we need to vote accordingly. It is our CONSTITUTIONAL right to vote, we need to practice this right as much as possible.

I’ve created my own page on Rock The Vote’s website. You can find it by clicking on the “Register to Vote!” link on the home page of this blog. Please use this link to register to vote! Maybe you could even get involved with Rock the Vote events.